We’ve been around since 1882, so we’ve got lots of history! Here are a few ways you can check it out.

First, you can read the booklet we published on our 125th anniversary (in 2007) that tells the story of our first 30 years here. This will come up in an easy to read web book that is every bit as good as a hard copy. Don’t forget to view it in full screen mode to really appreciate the old photos.

You can read the booklet that was produced on the occasion of our 100th Anniversary Celebration (in 1982) here. It was written by WB John Breckon, a Past Master of our Lodge and a respected historian of Ellensburg. Again, don’t forget to view it in full screen mode.

You can also visit a blog with historic photos of our past masters, our Temple, and lots of interesting history here.

If you’re interested in the history of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Washington, they have several videos and a good online booklet here. This booklet also contains a brief history of the fraternity and an introduction to how a Lodge functions.