Ellensburg #39 – Master Mason Diploma

When a Candidate for membership completes the 1st or Entered Apprentice degree, he is required to complete a course of instruction in masonic knowledge.  The same holds true for the 2nd or Fellowcraft degree.  The 3rd or Master Mason degree is the culmination of this process and he becomes a full member of the Fraternity.  This process takes time and a lot of memorization work.  To commemorate the new brother’s achievement, our Lodge presents the new brother with a diploma that bears the dates of his progression, the signatures of the principal officers of the lodge and the Lodge seal.

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newer higher DPI version Diploma 7_12_2015 ELLENSBURG a

This document is a custom version specifically for Ellensburg #39.  It was created from a cell phone photo of an ancient framed picture that has hung in the lodge as long as anyone can remember.  That, by the way, is a long time as we have a member who is 97.


1 original photo of ancient chart lower res smaller b

The Masonic Education mentioned above takes the form of instructions concerning duties to god, yourself, your family, civil society and the lodge, as well as  moral lessons, and the history of the masonic craft.  It is taught by one brother to another, but with the aid of some cryptic or ciphered code books and a coach from the lodge.  It is all very interesting and framed in English as it was spoken roughly 300 years ago.

The lectures look something like this:

lecture travis on john's 3rdlecture travis

The lectures are very interesting, despite what this picture might seem to portray. 😉

Here are some pictures of brothers who have completed this work

and received Masonic Diplomas:

clerf mm diploma         powell mm diploma

chris with diploma        diplomas may 14 2014


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